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Title I Information

Title I is a federally funded school program that provide grants to support student’s education through intervention plans and programs. As a Title I school, Pocosin Innovative Charter School is providing you with information about our program each year, how we identify and address academic needs with our students, and offer additional resources for our families to assist in learning while at home.  Parent involvement in the support system for our students is very important and necessary for our school to have the greatest impact in their lives.  With the recent limitations the pandemic has placed on all of us in the community, our ability to hold gatherings of parents and our staff at the school is not recommended.  We still want to ensure we are connecting with our community in ways that can follow the health and safety guidelines and allow for you to receive the important information from the school.  This video along with the other ways we communicate with you via newsletters, class dojo, and other means helps us all stay as connected as possible.

Pocosin Innovative Charter School uses a variety of assessments and data sources to monitor the progress of all students.  These include our state mandated End-Of-Grade test and related benchmark assessments over the course of the school year.  Each time we administer a state test you will be notified.  We also utilize the STAR Reading Program to help our staff understand where students are performing and to systematically check for growth and progress as they move through the school year.  In Math, IXL Learning Platform is used to check for student understanding and mastery of mathematical skills and concepts.  Along with these data points, teachers review student work and assessments from the classroom regularly to identify areas of needs, set targeted strategies, and monitor instructional impact.

Our school uses a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) which is a framework of instruction that provides support to all students to ensure mastery of grade-level content standards. The tiers of MTSS provide varying levels of support for students who are struggling to reach mastery as well as those to exceed grade-level. Our teachers work throughout the year to implement a variety of strategies and differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles and levels.  As a parent you can always connect with your child’s teacher and discuss the ways in which teaching and learning in the classroom are designed to address specific areas of need.

How can parents help at home with the academic progress of their child?  There are many resources that can be used.  We have created a list of options connected to specific applications or resources that target the core academic areas of Math, Reading, History, and Science.  The additional practice time can make a big difference in the progress a student can make.  Along with these web-based applications, your child’s teacher can provide additional targeted practice activities to bring home upon request.  Of course, it is always crucial to take time to help your child with any regularly assigned homework and activities to ensure they have completed the items to bring back to school.  You will regularly be informed of your child’s progress with their learning through progress reports, report cards, detailed results from periodic assessments completed in the classroom and any state testing results.

Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy

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